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Welcome to and I’m Sayid Mansour – a high school teacher who loves to run and participate in marathons. In my free time, I manage this site that only provides honest and straight-forward reviews, not like other sites which only exist to make profits. So what are the things you should know about this review site?

Every product evaluation in RunningTeacherMan is computer-generated

Yes, you read it right. The reviews are based on the stats and product evaluation done by robots. Why, you ask? This is because I believe that cold, hard data provides unbiased reviews as opposed to disputable reviews we often see on the internet.

What kind of data does RunningTeacherMan use?

Easy. RunningTeacherMan uses the data provided by Clickbank, a payment processor. The data being two key statistics called Gravity and Star Rating.Gravity helps in determining the popularity of the product. With this stat, I’m able to figure out the site’s most popular products by creating a weighted sales rank.Star Rating, on the other hand, is a rating scale from 1 to 5 that determines a product’s refund count. With 1 as the most amount of refunds and 5 as the very few refund count. If you want to learn more about star ratings, click here. Just an important reminder though, Star Rating is only currently accessible for products released before January 2013. Other products use a default 3 star rating.But that’s not the only consideration I use. I also consider the domain where the product is being sold. I check the site’s number of pages and the amount of quality links it’s been getting. Both data somewhat help in weighing the product’s overall authority is a handy tool for this.

How is RunningTeacherMan financed?

I hate cheating. And I don’t want you, my readers, to feel cheated. As a teacher, I value honesty from my students and you can expect me to do the same. So I’ll just come out and say it – this site is financed by “affiliate links.” If you end up liking a product and have decided to buy it, I earn commission when you click through those links.Despite this, you can be assured that my reviews will stay honest and unbiased to help you purchase wisely.