Welcome to runningteacherman.com ! I’m Robert Lopez.

Between a bad webcam shot and a depressing dark picture, I had no choice but to take the latest. Hopefully, in 3D, it is better! Surfing, golfing, hanging out with my crew,. Ocean and Mountains, big cities and remote places (and my local italian restaurant). Sharing a good surf with my friends. In London it can get a bit complicated though. Hanging around with my camera. Discovering new places. I enjoy socialising with friends in a good pub and some not so good. I have kept my circle of friends from Uni, even though a lot of them are scattered all over the country and some abroad. It gives me a good excuse to visit them in the future. I have travelled a little in Europe and Australia. Both of which were great experiences. I would like to travel to South America sometime in the future too.

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