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The Speed Encyclopedia Package

The Speed Encyclopedia Package

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The Speed Encyclopedia Package Homepage

The Speed Encyclopedia Package


This product is available from, and gets an overall score from us of 53.81. There are no special offers available.

Category: Health & Fitness Exercise & Fitness Sports Training

RunningTeacherMan bonus available: Yes

Hello, I’d like to share a review here at RunningTeacherMan. With my pupils, I never tolerate attempting to cheat. Since I believe in practicing what I preach, I’m here to provide honest reviews to make sure that you’re not being cheated into buying products. In fact, this web site gives you a 60-day refund guarantee to ensure that you made the right selection. One more thing before we proceed. I have a special incentive for you. Get a giveaway when you click through my link to purchase the product. So make sure to click through this link to grab it. Oh, and a little disclaimer – this page contains affiliate links. Click here to understand it more.

Is this product selling many copies?

Do you know what convinces me to purchase products? Appeal and sales volume. Let’s say I’m looking to substitute my old running shoes. Instead of picking up the most affordable pair at the store, I’ll ask for the crowd favorite. This is because excellent quality sneakers often enjoy large sales volume. Naturally, as a jogger, it’s not practical for me to buy sneakers with short life span. So let’s proceed to the sales dataof The Speed Encyclopedia Package. In order to find out its sales volume, we will use Gravity – a stat released by the payment processor. It will provide the data we need, which, as previously stated is the product’s sales volume. The Speed Encyclopedia Package has a gravity of 2.87486, which is fairly low. I won’t suggest you buy it. Of course, I know this is not much of an assurance. So I created a sales rank to guide you further – from 1 (worst-selling product) to 100 (top-seller). Now The Speed Encyclopedia Package gets a sales rank of 71.03, which is a high score. Feel free to make the purchase.

The The Speed Encyclopedia Package Homepage

The The Speed Encyclopedia Package Homepage

Is this a decent product?

Now, the refund rate – a stat released by the payment processor – will help us check the product’s quality. The Speed Encyclopedia Package scores 3/5 which means it is an average rating. The refund amount is at a sufficient level.

Further quality data

Now the domain of this product is ( This will allow us to check the reliability of the product. It’s a general rule that the more pages a website has, the older and more trustworthy it is. Good thing that this web site has pages. Let’s see, is . Again, it still doesn’t assure you that it’s a quality web site. To further check, let’s check the amount of other sites backlinking to this one. If we find lots of quality web site links, it means this site can be of quality too. Let’s take a look at, it has with an authority score of 7.62/100, which means it has very low web-site links.

What further products is the vendor selling?

Let’s proceed to the vendor’s other products I’m sure you’d like to know that too. Let’s start with The Speed Encyclopedia Package. It has 0 additional product on sale. They are:

And of course, the special offers. The vendor has 0 offer on at the moment, which is not even worth it. You’ll waste your time here.

My final rating

Now, we’re almost done. But first, we’ll tally everything to get the overall rating of The Speed Encyclopedia Package. To know whether you should buy this product or not, let’s have a look again at the sales figure, the refund rate and the authority of the product’s site. This will help us find out the overall reliability of the site. So, the final rating is 53.81/100 – terrible.


So what now? I recommend you visit this web-site and have a read through. Again, to get an incentive when you purchase, make sure to use the link on my page and click through to Click here to learn more about the bonus offer. Thanks for reading this review and send me an email at (contact details here) for feedback and questions.

Product: The Speed Encyclopedia Package
Reviewed By: Sayid Mansour
Reviewed on: 2015-10-11
Overall score: 55.49
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